The Sacred Heart: Natures Gateway to Happiness

There is an old saying that the way to greatest happiness is in helping others. But did you know that this altruistic form of love actually activates and strengthens our own hearts and quite literally sends love to those who surround us?

Cardiology has established the heart generates energy in the form of an electromagnetic field that can be measured extending out 10-12 feet from our bodies. But this field is also infinite, it extends outwards merging with electromagnetic fields of the earth, plants, other living beings, even the sun, the moon, and stars. When you are in a loving state, this heart field strengthens and expands. Conversely, when we feel negative or fearful, the heart field contracts, closing us off from the world.

But most astounding are the studies by The Heart Math Institute which suggest that a loving heart not only allows us to ‘download’ higher dimensional information from the universe, it allows us to retransmit this energy to others.

Source: The Sacred Heart: Natures Gateway to Happiness

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