The Sacred Heart: Gateway to Higher Consciousness?

“I have little doubt that the heart is not only the major energy center of the body, but that it also has its own intelligence, an intelligence superior to the brain’s and its cells hold memories that influence only every other cell in our bodies but also every cell in the bodies of those close to us, and even those faraway, in both space and time” – Paul Pearsall Ph.D.

Lately there is a lot of talk in new age circles about the importance of the heart in a coming shift or expansion of consciousness. The gist of the talk is this, if we can get out of our ego driven heads and begin living in our hearts; ‘heaven on earth’ is possible.

This idea isn’t new. Nearly all religious and spiritual traditions acknowledge the heart as the gateway to higher consciousness. According to ancient yogic tradition love awakens the energy center of the heart opening the “gate of heaven” where we experience hridaya, “the whole” a place of unity, oneness.

But what is news is research suggesting both the new agers and ancient yogis are right. Having a loving heart not only connects us to a higher dimensional field of energy, it grants us the power to reach past the boundaries of the material world and positively affect the well-being of others.

Sound a little airy fairy? Maybe even far-fetched? Well let me explain….